Building on our superior keyboard wedge interface foundation, ID Innovations introduces a technologically advanced PS/2 to USB adaptor. Just as the introduction of our magnetic stripe reader in 1994, our new MultiMode USB Adaptor will set the standard by which all others will be measured. Our MultiMode USB Adaptor is optimized for the point-of-sale environment. This USB Adaptor will work with any legacy PS/2 keyboard device. Your data can be sent as USB-Keyboard, USB-Serial, or USB-HID.  No other USB Adaptor on the market gives you the speed and flexibility of the ID Innovations MultiMode USB Adaptor.

MultiMode USB Adaptor


Keyboard Emulation

Advanced Keyboard Emulation (Windows version only)

USB-Serial COM port

USB-HID Format

In conclusion:

Don’t waste your money buying all new Point-Of-Sale keyboard peripherals because your current computer does not have a PS/2 port.  Purchase an inexpensive, feature rich alternative, the ID Innovations MultiMode USB Adaptor.  An adaptor unlike any other.

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